The Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy and Davidian Girls’ School are a living testimony to the love and dedication the founders of the Schools had for the Armenian Community in India.

Astvatsator Muradghanian

One of the founders of the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, Astvatsator Muradghanian was born New Julfa (Iran). He immigrated to India and settled down in Kolkata till his last date. He was highly successful in trade and bequeathed a generous amount of Rs. 8000 in his will to start an Armenian School in Kolkata for the Armenian Community. He died on 28th September 1799 and was buried in the Armenian Church of Nazareth, Kolkata.

Mnatsakan Vardanian

Mnatsakan Vardanian was born in New Julfa on the 6th of September 1772. He immigrated to India at a very young age and settled in Saidabad which is situated 120 miles from Kolkata. His moral role in setting up Armenian College was far greater than his material contribution of Rs. 3000. He went from door to door and had collected Rs.59, 583 by the year 1825. He died on the 14th of October 1827 and was buried in the Holy Virgin Mary Church of Saidabad.

Born in Tokat in Anatolia in the year 1777, Arathoon Kaloos came to India and founded the first Armenian School in Calcutta in 1798. After the foundation of the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy in 1821, it was felt that the amalgamation of the two schools would benefit the Armenian Community. Finally this merger was completed in 1825 and the teaching scope of the Armenian College was extended. Throughout his career as a teacher, Arathoon Karloos devoted his time and Knowledge for the betterment of his community. On his death in 1833, he left an endowment to the Armenian Holy Church of Nazareth and a bequeathal for the benefit of poor Armenians in Baghdad, Shiraz and Calcutta.

David Avietik Davidian

David Avietik Davidian was born in New Julfa, Isfahan, Iran on 17th October 1858. He came to India at the age of 14, in the quest for knowledge. He was a member of the Armenian College Committee and also a member on the school board. Throughout his long association with the ACPA, he devoted considerable effort in improving the education facilities for the Armenian boys and girls in India- a privileged he had not enjoyed.

David Avietik Davidian

Thus he conceived the idea of establishing a educational institution for Girls that would be a counterpart to the Armenian College. Davidian Girls’ School was opened on 1st March 1922 at Mr. David’s residence on No. 15 Royd Street, Kolkata with two students. By the end of 1930, he had around him scores of children who were educated through several qualified teachers. He completed his magnificent work by creating a Trust, whereby almost his entire wealth was dedicated to the cause of Davidian Girls’ School.

David A Davidian passed away peacefully on 7th February 1936 in Calcutta, India. His remains are buried in the church yard of the Armenian Holy Church of Nazareth, Kolkata (Calcutta). We are all indebted to him for his benevolent contributions towards the education of Armenian children in India.

The Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy & Davidian Girls’ School educates Armenian students to be Christian morally, and ethically responsible leaders who think critically, act wisely and work skillfully to advance the common good. Existing almost two centuries the ACPA & DGS still continues to serve its righteous principle inherited from its devout and honorable founders that are educating students and imparting knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

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