Diversity and Tolerance – ACPA

We were fortunate to have Mr Nver Sargsyan with us in the campus. He is the Head of Programme at UNHCR country office in Armenia.

Mr Nver organized a seminar with a presentation on the topic titled ” Diversity and Tolerance”.All the senior students, as well as the students of class 10, took part in the event where games and subsequent discussions took place on various topics. The participants were divided into groups and topics were given to be prepared within a timespan and presented while the competing teams challenged them with questions.

It was an interesting seminar where the students had the opportunity to interact with each other as well as with Mr Nver and it served the senior students as a platform not only to learn but also to voice their ideas and opinions.

We are thankful to Mr. Nver for the time and effort that he took to interact with our students.

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