Inauguration Ceremony of Tevanian Centre

With the blessings of Very Rev Father Movses Sargsyan, Manager of Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, a state-of-the-art educational facility was inaugurated on Monday February 3, 2020 in the school premises by Mr Avo Tevanian, an alumnus of the college.
Mr Tevanian and his family generously funded the whole project for the welfare of the students of his Alma Mater. In September 1959, Mr Tevanian, along with his elder brother Gregor Tevanian and his younger brother Tevan Tevanian, came to India from Iran. He then took admission in Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy. He completed his schooling in 1968 and took admission in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, in 1969. He graduated from IIT with a B. Tech. in Civil Engineering in 1974. After graduating from IIT, he returned to his homeland, Iran and was there for the next 10 years.
In 1984, he immigrated to Australia, where he is currently living with his wife Mrs Jackie Tevanian along with their three children Mario, Masis and David. The new educational centre was Father Movses’s innovation for which he laboured tirelessly for many months on end. The result was that, he was able to enhance the aesthetics of the erstwhile dormitory of the Mary Apcar Trust to a new a state-of-the-art educational facility. The “Tevanian Centre” houses a Conference Room, a Computer Laboratory, a Skype Room, and a Music Room.
The inauguration commenced with the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by Mr Avo Tevanian and His Excellency Mr Armen Martirosyan, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia in the Republic of India, in the presence of Very Rev Father Movses Sargsyan, Pastor, Manager, Indian Armenian Spiritual Pastorate of Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, Mrs Susan Ruben and Mr Sunil Sobti, Honourable Church Wardens of Armenian Holy Church of Nazareth, distinguished guests and members of the staff and students.
Very Rev Father Movses Sargsyan, showed his gratitude to Mr Tevanian and his family. He said that the generosity of the founders and the benefactors of the Armenian college bear fruits in furthering the cause of education thus providing life changing experiences for the Armenian youth. He further commented that Mr Tevanian’s contribution teaches us an important life lesson, which is the act of giving.
His Excellency Mr Armen Martirosyan said that Mr Tevanian’s contribution follows the legacy of Paul Chater. Apart from his generosity, it also reflected his wisdom and virtue in contributing for the welfare of the students of his Alma Mater.
Mr David Tevanian, son of Mr Avo Tevanian, presented a short speech in which he felt that it was a great privilege to be present at the auspicious ceremony. He focused on discipline, independence, sporting goals, time, effort, and perseverance which have benefitted the college. He thanked the teachers, students and the management of the college.
Luiza Ghazilyan, an outgoing student of class 10, delivered a short speech. She said that ACPA has added another feather on its cap with the inauguration of the Tevanian Centre. She expressed her gratitude to Mr Tevanian and his family on behalf of all the students of ACPA which is a home away from home to them.
The programme concluded with a song sung by the School Choir conducted by Mrs Narine Davtyan.

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