Seminar on Effective Classroom Teaching

On December 12, 2019 Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy of Kolkata had organized an enlightening seminar titled “Effective Teaching Methods to Increase Students’ Learning”. Under the able guidance of Mr. Nver Sargsyan, Expert who currently works at UNHCR, the session commenced in the school computer laboratory at 3 o’clock in the presence of the school management and teaching faculties.

After the introduction of the participants, Mr. Nver Sargsyan made an intriguing presentation on ‘Perception’ and the necessity of being open and flexible to facilitate the accommodation of new ideas and realities.

This was followed by an impromptu discussion session where the participants were divided into five groups. Situations were given to these groups and through group discussions they had to arrive at possible solutions. The sharing of these solutions opened up new avenues of handling practical situations.
A self-assessment on listening skills was followed by a motivating presentation on Effective Classroom Teaching Methodologies.

Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy remains indebted to Mr. Sargsyan for his heartfelt effort to contribute to the holistic development of the institution.

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