In Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, a chess tournament was held on 13th of November. There was a good competition between the junior ranks. A good performance was noticed by an 11-year- old Narek Sargsyan who was the winner among the junior boys. Gevorg Gevorgyan and Narek Sargsyan came across in the final but finally Narek won the final. 
There was a good competition among the senior boys as well. Suren Yesayan and Vladimir Grigoryan met in the final match. After a game of duration one and a half hours, Vladimir Grigoryan won the match taking the first place among the senior boys. 
Narek Sargsyan had a successful match with the winner of the girls Ani Hovhannisyan. Then the two titans met in a final match. After a long match, Narek Sargsyan won Vladimir, becoming the first in the school.

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