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I am genuinely delighted that you are considering applying to the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy (ACPA) and Davidian Girls’ School (DGS) or have taken a moment to go through our college website.
The ACPA is a beautiful place to gain academic knowledge, pursue sports and arts and develop a sense of community under superb pastoral support. We want to provide a profoundly transformative experience to our students, spiritually, intellectually, socially and personally, which will hold them in good stead as they step out into the world.

We follow a residential mode of teaching, where we believe that learning happens even beyond the classroom. Therefore students at the ACPA and DGS are encouraged to avail hostel facilities and live with other students in the college premises. We begin in the class by exposing children to new ideas and building a strong base for their future academic endeavours. Outside the classroom, we cater to almost every taste and interest of student from rugby, football, music, drama, dance, swimming and beyond. Our diverse living experience, formed through the coming together of young Armenian minds from different parts of the world (Armenia, Iran, Iraq, India etc.) and different walks of life ensure the colourful exchange of ideas which broaden the horizon for their evolving identities.

Financial support from the Armenian College and DGS funds allows us to achieve this lofty aspiration by making both our education and hostel facilities entirely free for every bright mind who deserves it and only lacks the means to the opportunity.

When you attend the ACPA and DGS, you become part of a two-hundred-year-old rich heritage and history. Founded in 1821, the ACPA is one of the oldest Armenian educational institutions in the Diaspora. It is a humbling experience for me to be able to play a role in the life of the ACPA and DGS, as it continues its journey into the future and continues to teach the sons and daughters of our land.

I welcome you to browse through our brochures and manifestos to understand our school and facilities better. I hope you will find on this website inspiration to apply as a student or extend help as a benefactor.

Rev. Fr. Movses Sargsyan
Indian-Armenian Spiritual Pastorate
Manager of Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy and
Davidian Girls’ School of Kolkata


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