Remembering Sir Catchick Paul Chater

Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy of Kolkata observed the birthday of one of its most eminent benefactors and a great personality, Sir Catchick Paul Chater, on September 6, 2019. The programme commenced at 1.35 the school auditorium in the presence of all the members of the ACPA family.

The programme began with a short introductory speech on Sir Paul Chater and his contributions by Mr Armen Makarian, ex-student and current coordinator of ACPA.
This was followed by an enlightening documentary film on the life and achievements of Sir Paul Chater, mapping the life of the boy orphaned at an early age to his rise to prominence as a philanthropic businessman, the head of the Executive Council of Hong Kong and be knighted by King Edward VII.

Sir Paul Chater’s meteoric rise did not refrain his loyalty to his roots and he donated an astonishing amount to his alma mater, La Martiniere School of Kolkata, which saved it from certain closure. Like the multitude of other institutions, Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy thrived as well under his munificence as he bequeathed a substantial amount for the institution on his will.

The programme concluded with a short and inspiring speech by the Principal, Mr Soumitra Mallick, who substantiated on the impact of Sir Catchick Paul Chater’s life extraordinaire on the minds of the budding generation, the inspiration wielded by this luminary and the hope that his example fosters for humanity.

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