History of Davidian Girls’ School


A little more than two decades after its inception in 1821 Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy had a girls’ section complete with special teachers and separate classrooms. A few years later, Hovannes Avadalian established a private school for girls, the “Second Galustian School” in his own home. But this school closed down within a very brief period of time.

A third attempt was initiated on February 16, 1846 by M.D. Taghiadian who opened a girls’ school and named it Saint Sandught. A section for boys was later added to it. The school became popular offering education to 35 students of which 15 were girls and 20 boys. But unfortunately the institution had to close down six years later.

The education of Indian-Armenian girls was seemingly ignored until 1922 when David Avetic Davidian founded the Trust of D.A. David in his own name and started a school for local Armenian girls and boys, invited Mrs. Sandught Hovhannisian to teach in the new institution. Until his death, David remained the Principal of the school and managed it himself.  In 1910 after His retirement from the post of Directorship of Messrs A.H. Wheeler & Co, he purchased a house (15, Royd Street), which was to serve as a school in later years. It was his intention to expand the school from his own house at Royd Street, to a much bigger place and Dividian purchased the huge grounds and buildings of the London Missionary Society at 1, Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Calcutta 700025 and gave it to the Trust in an agreement with the Official Trustee, Gov. of West Bengal, who is the Ex-Officio Trustee of the Trust of D.A. David. For some time, during his last years, the school moved to its new premises in the Missionary Building, but after his death in 1936, the children were brought back to Royd Street. He was able to complete his magnificent work by creating a Trust, whereby almost his entire wealth was dedicated to the cause of Davidian Girls’ School.

David Avetic Davidian Founder of Davidian Girls School

In 1949, while retaining its autonomy, the Davidian Girls’ School (DGS) joined Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy (ACPA) and appealed to Indian Certificate of Secondary Education to recognize the entity of ACPA and DGS as one co-educational school. This appeal was adopted in 1953, following which the collaboration between the two schools was reinforced.

Very Rev. Fr. Movses Sargsyan, Manager of Davidian Girls’ School (DGS) and Armenian College, relocated, restored and re-instated the marble bust of David A. Davidian, on the premises of Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, Kolkata due to the rebuilding process of the school. The bust shall stay at the ACPA until the completion of the building work at the DGS, post which it will be once again established at its rightful place.

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