One of the most exciting games of all times, Football has come a long way in Armenian College. Every year the number of students turning out for practice sessions and house matches are increasing. The Football team of Armenian College has started becoming respected over the last few years under the leadership of Arthur Baghdasaryan.

The first tournament this year was the International Football 7’s Tournament that is held at CCFC every year. 18 teams including locals as well as teams from Nigeria and Bangladesh participated in the Tournament. Armenian Sports Club which comprised of our young boys lost in Quarter Finals.

The team then participated in the Parsi Club Football Tournament. It was held in the Parsi Club during April and our Team performed extremely well with its young Boys.
The Final tournament of the year was the “Anglossss”, organized by the Anglo-Indian Community. Many teams participated in the tournament. Armenians participated with two teams, Armenian College & Armenian Sports Club. But unfortunately our senior team once again lost in the Quarter Finals to the Home Team. 

Annual Inter-House Football

Armenian College & Philanthropic Academy held the Annual Inter-House Football competition on December 21, Wednesday in Armenian Sports Club. The first match was played at 9:00 am and the Final was played at 12:30 pm, where Levon House emerged as champion under the Captaincy of Gevorg Mkrtchyan. Highest scorer with 5 goals was Gevorg Mkrtchyan. Even the girls participated in the event.

HOUSES –     LEVON        HAIK       TRDAT      TIGRAN
LEVON                                   1-2            2-0               4-1
HAIK                 2-1                                 3-0               1-1
TRDAT             0-2               0-3                                 1-1
TIGRAN           1-4                1-1           1-1



The house positions were as follows:

1st LEVON        2nd HAIK        3rd TRDAT       4th TIGRAN

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