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Dear Visitor,

I cordially welcome you to the website of this great institution – an institution that has stood the test of time and has become a significant milestone in India, in educating the Armenian children.

Standing under the portal of this ageless citadel of Armenian culture and heritage in India, I feel it is a privilege and honour for me to be bestowed with such a great responsibility of creating a meaningful and congenial learning environment.

I believe that

  • the success of an educational institution is measured not merely by the length of its ‘merit list’ but by the depth of care it offers to its students.
  • while ‘education’ beyond school prepares a student for a living, ‘education’ in a school prepares a child for Life.
  • The worth of a leader is never measured by the number of followers he has led but by the number of future – leaders that he could inspire.

I think it will be relevant to say that for over 198 years … here is an institution that has

  • cared for its students,
  • prepared students for their lives and
  • produced numerous leaders in various fields of Life.

Through our website, I welcome you all, to acquaint yourselves with the history and events of our institution that was built by its visionary founders for posterity … for hundreds of generations to come.

With my reverential gratitude to the Founders, I pray to the Almighty to bestow His showers of blessings on Armenian College, now and forever.

Thank you.

Soumitra Mallik
Armenian College & Philanthropic Academy
Davidian Girls School





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