Rugby is an integral part of the 195-year-old Armenian College, which along with the Davidian Girls’ School in Kolkata, provides quality education and a chance to live a better life for many Armenian students, who have come from countries such as Iraq, Iran, India and Armenia.

Though the students at the college play a number of games such as football, basketball, volleyball, rugby is the most popular. The Armenians were the first to field a non-British rugby team at least 140 years ago, but the community has shrunk over the years, and its rugby team now is made up mostly of students from the college. The Armenian College Rugby Team is considered to be the youngest Rugby Club Team in the entire Nation.

The word “ARUN” which means blood in Armenian is their slogan which they shout at the beginning of each match. Armenians in Kolkata play Rugby as if it’s their birth right. Armenia does not have a Rugby team and the people do not know anything about the game, but the small Armenian community in Kolkata has one of the oldest and the best team which has won numerous tournaments over the years. In Kolkata Armenians are known for their incredible passion and skill in Rugby. They play at national and international levels. They represent Indian National Rugby team in various Asian games. After all, they have an enviable record to live up to.

Over the years, the boys of ACPA as well as Armenian Sports Club have emerged as enthusiastic players wining many laurels.

  • In 2008, 12 players who represented India at the under-19 level were Armenians. Under the captaincy of Ejmin Shahjani.
  • The All-India South Asia Rugby Tournament.
  • 15-a-side Kolkata Cup & Centenary Cup.
  • In 1988, 5 players who represented Indian National Team in senior category were Armenians

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