New Admission Procedure

The First Set of Students through the New Admission Procedure

To ensure an up-gradation in the quality of education and its availability to serious and well-intended students, Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy (ACPA) of Kolkata has introduced a well-organized and graded Admission Procedure under the able guidance of Very Rev Fr Movses Sargsyan, Pastor, Indian–Armenian Spiritual Pastorate and Manager of Armenian College.

The envisioned suggestion of Very Rev Father resulted in a collaborative effort by the entire academic faculty in the meticulous setting of questions papers which are graded and well suited to test the innate ability of the aspiring students.

An overwhelming response was palpable as numerous applications were received from interested candidates who appeared in the very first evaluation and vied to get the chance to be enrolled in this prestigious institution. However, after due evaluation, six students were chosen to be admitted in ACPA to carry its legacy forward.

Currently, students from six countries viz., Armenia, Iran, Iraq, India, Russia, and Myanmar study in Armenian College. Armenian Children from across the globe are welcome to be a part of this hallowed institution – an institution which has been continuing to extend its unbiased and selfless support, for almost two centuries, in enhancing their career and fostering holistic development.

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